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Infrared Non Contact Thermometer Digital Thermometer for Body Temperature Measure


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                  This product is a non-contact infrared thermometer that specializes in measuring the temperature of human forehead, and the measured temperature will be different according to the difference of human skin. The different measured parts of human can result in different temperatures, this is because that the exposed parts of the human are greatly affected by the environment temperature.
                  Material: Plastic
                  Color: Blue+White
                  Display the accurate digits: 0.1℃(0.1℉)
                  Storage temperature: -20-55℃
                  Operating environment temperature: 16℃~35℃
                  Relative humidity: ≤85%
                  Power: DC 3V(2 AAA battery)(The battery not included)
                  Specification: 160*100*40mm
                  Measuring range Model temperature measuring range in human body: 32.0-42.9℃
                  Range of measuring distance: 5-10cm
                  Automatic shutdown: About 20s
                  Measuring accuracy
                  2.0℃~34.9℃: ±0.3℃
                  35.0℃~42.0℃: ±0.2℃
                  42.1℃~42.9℃: ±0.3℃
                  Service lifeThe service life of the product is 40,000 times, and the product is valid
                  for 5 years.
                  Working, storage and transportation environment requirements
                  1) Working environment:
                  Environment temperature: 16℃ ~ 35℃;
                  Relative humidity: ≦85%;
                  Atmospheric pressure: 70 kpa ~ 106 kpa
                  Power: DC 3V(2 AAA battery) (The battery not included)
                  2) Storage and transportation environment:
                  Environment temperature:-20℃ ~+55℃;
                  Relative humidity: 10% ~ 85%;
                  No corrosive gas, well ventilated room
                  Scope Of Application And Contraindications Of Products
                  1. Scope of application of products
                  The body temperature of the tested object is displayed by measuring the
                  thermal radiation on the forehead.
                  2. Contraindications of products
                  1) Birth defects, congenital malformation, septic shock, circulatory failure and
                  other diseases that may affect forehead temperature measurement seriously.
                  2) Suffering from mental disorders.
                  3) Suffering from serious heart, liver and kidney diseases.
                  Operating Instructions for Use
                  1.Battery instructions
                  An indicating arrow on the ellipse is arranged at the bottom of the handle; please push the battery cover forwards lightly in the direction of the arrow with your hand here, and install the battery, so that it can be tested and used. Notes of battery installation and replacement:
                  1) After the battery cover is opened, the battery are placed at the place where the battery are installed according to the positive and negative directions. Pay attention to the correct direction of the positive and negative electrodes.
                  2) Wait for 10 minutes to warm up after first using or just placing the new battery;
                  3) When the battery capacity is insufficient, the symbol will appear on the display screen, prompting to replace the new battery. Open the battery cover and pay attention to the positive polarity and negative polarity when replacing the new battery. Incorrect placement may cause damage to the product.
                  4) Please take out the battery when the product is not used for a long time to prolong its service life, and prevent the thermometer from being damaged due to leakage of battery liquid.
                  2. Measuring steps of body temperature
                  1) Aim the thermometer at the middle of forehead (above the eyebrows) and keep it vertical with a distance of about 5-10cm, and press the measuring switch to display the temperature immediately.
                  2) When the measuring switch is pressed, the current temperature value is displayed on the current display screen, and the measured data can be automatically stored (press the up and down keys to check the latest 32 stored measured data)
                  1) Before measurement, please make sure there is no hair, sweat, cosmetics or hats, etc.
                  2) When the forehead sweat or other reasons cause the forehead temperature not to reflect the human temperature normally, please aim at the earlobe to measure the body temperature. At the same time, please ensure that there is no hair, sweat, cosmetics or hat covering.
                  3) If the thermometer has not been used for a long time, the environment temperature will be detected when it is used again, and the startup time will be extended by 1-2 seconds.
                  4) Human temperature varies with different times of the day and is also affected by other external conditions, such as age, sex, skin color, etc.
                  Package included
                  1 X Infrared Thermometer(The battery not included)
                  1 X English Manual
                  Details Pictures:

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