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Dot Mole Pen Protable Handheld Mole Removal Pen Picosecond Laser Pen Scar Tattoo Facial Freckle Dark Spot Remover Tool


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                  1. Frosted metal process, alloy contacts and surface of the case are UV treated to prevent wear
                  2. Ventilation hole design, cooling hole design, healthier use, prevent internal the heat may cause damage to the machine.
                  3. High-definition display, the display is intuitive and simple, the operation is simpler, and it can be operated with one hand.
                  4. Imported laser head, stronger energy, better effect and quality.
                  – Plug: EU Plug, US Plug
                  – Type: blue light, red light
                  – Working frequency: 9 levels of blue light, 3 levels of red light
                  – Energy intensity: 4 levels
                  – Product function: Removes small spotted moles
                  – Applicable objects: beauty salons, families, beauty hospitals, health centers
                  Package Included:
                  1x Laser Pointer
                  1x Charging Cable
                  1x Blindfold
                  1x Manual
                  1x Package

                  Picosecond laser can produce a kind of visible light with high intensity and instantaneous energy. The laser of different wavelengths will be absorbed by the special color or pigment in the skin, which can effectively deal with the following spots:
                  1, Freckle: the tip of the needle to rice about brown small spots, spread in the two cheeks and the bridge of the nose, there is generally young, and always exist.
                  2, Nevus: mostly after puberty gradually appear, a few to dozens of, pinhead to rice big brown or black flat spots or protruding papules, mainly distributed in the face, neck.
                  3. Zygomatic nevus: after puberty, gray-blue pinhead to the size of a grain of rice gradually appeared in clusters of spots located on both cheekbones or below the lateral sides of both eyes, and a few patients had familial heredity.
                  4, old person spot: a few to dozens of waxy, rough brown or papule and plaque, and gradually increase increase, sunburn many places such as the face and the back of the hand more.
                  5, Chloasma: after 25 years of age gradually increased brown spots, most of the symmetrical appearance on both cheeks.
                  6, Shallow coffee spots: generally born, irregular shape of the light brown spots.
                  7, Taitian mother spot: generally on one side of the face in the upper half of the gray and blue mottled plaques, even the eye sclera will have gray and blue, pigment to the dermis.
                  8. Tattoo and eyebrow: implant pigment in the dermis artificially, or cause pencil lead and iron dust to enter the skin due to accidental injury. Above these spot nevus symptom, can pass laser to give remove, the frequency that treats depends on the depth of pigment.
                  9, Sun spots: oval process or smooth, dark brown plaques, easy to appear in the forearm, the back of the hand, the front of the leg and the face. Jomei to fifty cents

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